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How can I buy Bitcoin legally in Canada?


How can I buy Bitcoin legally in Canada? This is a basic economic principle. If a cryptocurrency features a high token supply with little demand from merchants and users, the worth of the cryptocurrency will drop. Conversely, if the availability of a specific cryptocurrency is restricted and therefore the demand is high, then the worth of the coin will increase.


Factors affecting Bitcoin price, there are several main factors driving the increase or fall of cryptocurrency prices. the subsequent report reviews the foremost important of those factors:


Factors affecting Bitcoin price


This is linked to the scarcity that drives prices and is one among the factors that have pushed the worth of Bitcoin up to its highest levels. the availability in Bitcoin stops at 21 million Bitcoins - which is comparatively low compared to other tokens - while demand has risen in recent years.


Second: speculation

Speculation is one among the foremost factors which will affect the costs of cryptocurrencies, it's possible that speculation raises the worth of an asset to very high levels, and it also can take it to sharply lower levels.


Rapid and powerful fluctuations are among the items that characterize digital currencies and open the appetite of traders because they create opportunities to earn money through buying and selling short-term, but in fact , it comes with higher risks.


Speculators aspire to form huge fortunes by dealing in electronic currencies, but they buy and sell them very quickly, which results in short-term fluctuations.


Third: regulation

The perception of those currencies varies - from country to country - between recognizing these virtual assets, prohibiting them, or warning against their use, without preventing them or considering them illegal, or strictly regulating them, and new decisions are taken all the time.